Grade 1: Flipbook


This flip book enables children to engage in word building using the common spellings for vowel and consonant digraphs. It aims to develop fluent use of these symbols. The pages of the flipbook are ordered to match the order of sound/symbol learning below.

All sound/symbol learning follows the order of the Time2Read online interactive games

All colour coding of vowels is done according to the Time2Read sound table

Copy and laminate the cards – (suggested size: A4).

1. Cut along the dotted lines using a guillotine. Cut out the small triangles on top as these will make the flipbook easier to handle after ring binding. NB! Make sure to keep the pages in the correct order.
2. Ring bind all pages (preferably using wire rings) BEFORE cutting through the individual flaps.
3. After ring binding, cut between the individual flaps. Cutting off the 1mm white border between the flaps will make handling the flipbook much easier.
4. To practice building words containing the silent ‘e’/split digraph, cut out the round extra ‘e’ cards on page 14. Punch a hole in each card as well as the single vowels on pages 1, 2 and 3. Connect the ‘e’ with a piece of string to the vowel flaps and stick onto the back of the vowel flaps with prestik. Now it is possible to build words containing the silent ‘e’.

Grades 1 and 2



You will receive an INSTANT DIGITAL download of a PDF document

This flipbook will enable children to build words containing the symbols below.


Images: My Cute Graphics, Whimsey Clips