Grade 2 Code and Spell


CODE & SPELL is a fun activity which improves spelling multi-syllable words by training children to break words  into syllables, listen to each sound in the syllable and applying their learnt spelling knowledge.


Grade 2 CODE and SPELL

This CODE and SPELL activity makes spelling multi-syllable words easy as well as fun.

Children will be required to break words in to syllables, listen to every sound in the syllable and then apply their learnt spelling knowledge to spell each word.

All sound/symbol learning follows the order of the Time2Read online interactive games

All colour coding of vowels is done according to the Time2Read sound table


Copy, laminate and cut out the cards


1.       Draw chunk lines down rows 1 & 2

2.      Code the required word in the middle row

3.      Next fill n the symbols in the top row

4.      Now write the word in the bottom row (chunk-write silently in your head)


Grades 2-3
You will receive an INSTANT DIGITAL download of a PDF document containing the following
Sound/symbol focus No of


Pictures on cards
Level 2.1 Alphabet sounds/symbols – multi-syllable words 12 skeleton, pelican, invent, fantastic, pumpkin, piglet, planet, magnet, insect, subtract, basket, tablet
Level 2.2 Long A 12 complain, frustrate, baker, baby, behave, escape, explain, inflate, bacon, decade, awake, lady
Level 2.3 Long E 18 library, family, laboratory, donkey, athlete, December, donkey, angry, jersey, compete, trolley, secret, monkey, delivery, chimney, delete, fever, empty
Level 2.4 Long I 24 reply, spider, multiply, magnify, July, horrify, outside, tiny, mobile, lion, invite, termite, triangle, pilot, migrate, library, ignite, butterfly, umpire, bicycle, tiger, divide, hibernate, arise
Level 2.5 Long O 24 narrow, open, pillow, elbow, microwave, telescope, follow, locust, tadpole, yellow, robot, shallow, envelope, arrow, donate, fellow, shadow, coconut, explode, antelope, window, microscope, decorate, pony
Level 2.6 Long U 36 stew, crew, jaguar, confuse, refuse, chew, calculate, blew, cucumber, music, penguin, blue, computer, costume, cube, drew, July, argue, clue, glue, cute, flute, ruler, fume, statue, unicorn, tissue, uniform, rescue, vacume, grew, June, utensil, value, perfume
Level 2.7 Extra vowel – ur 24 eraser, hibernate, work, word, turtle, purple, purse, chirp, sister, winter, worship, brother, December, September, thirsty, turkey, world, spider, termite, squirt, teacher, worse, circle
Level 2.8 Extra vowel – or 30 transform, straw, sauce, daughter, water, bought, caught, brought, paw, decorate, taught, fought, naught, north, morning, horse, crawl, chalk, corner, saw, border, claw, strawberry, August, afford, astronaut, naughty, uniform, unicorn, record
Level 2.9 Extra vowel – ar 24 barbeque, charge, artist, March, large, jaguar, carnival, Carmen, argue, market, partner, sparkle, farmer, darling, garden, car, participate, target, carve, marble, cartoon, carpet, garlic, party
Level 2.10 Extra vowel – ou 24 cloud, brown, boundary, round, blouse, count, mouth, crowd, fountain, ground, mouse, crown, sour, shower, proud, flower, flour, house, tower, towel, south, power, pout, couch
Level 2.11 Extra vowel oi 11 toys, coin, point, boy, annoy, noise, voice, toilet, royal, choice, enjoy
Level 2.12 k/ck, ch/tch, ge/dge 24 branch, hatch, leak, badge, crack, barge, huge, bridge, drink, beach, kick, chick, sketch, patch, fridge, stick, couch, shake, judge, truck, page, switch, bench, shark
Level 2.13 Short vowel e: ai, ea 12 feather, fountain, heaven, healthy, mountain, sweater, weather, head, thread, breakfast, leather, heavy
Level 2.14 Short vowel o: a 11 wasp, wander, walrus, swamp, swallow, wash, what, waffle, swan, wallet, watch
Level 2.15 Short vowel u: o, ou 14 brother, couple, double, dove, trouble, month, young, honey, shovel, touch, money, mother, dozen, oven
Level 2.16 Double consonants 24 bottle, butter, giggle, hammer, granny, gossip, bubble, carry, juggle, cuddle, happy, daddy, kettle, kitten, marry, middle, muddy, parrot, soccer, saddle, bunny, puzzle, puddle, puppy
Level 2.17 Words ending y/ey 30 happier, jerseys, married, sunniest, jockeys, carried, parties, hurried, trolleys, lollies, smelliest, lazier, tidied, mommies, monkeys, angrier, donkeys, dirtiest, turkeys, bunnies, craziest, chimneys, ladies, funniest, fries, spies, slier, cloudiest, dries, cries
Level 2.18 ph 9 Rudolph, nephew, microphone, Joseph, elephant, sheriff, telephone, triumph, dolphin
Level 2.19 le, al 24 kettle, apple, cuddle, candle, little, giggle, saddle, carnival, puddle, needle, middle, jungle, bottle, formal, general, double, criminal, animal, trouble, mammal, juggle, couple, puzzle, oval
Level 2.20 Hard/soft c 34 celebrate, recycle, pencil, cereal, unicorn, turkey, electricity, circus, circle, bicycle, telescope, sketch, skeleton, rescue, kitchen, accident, participate, monkey, microwave, kitten, century, donkey, decorate, December, cucumber, couple, computer, compete, calculator, carry, carpet, carnival, Carmen, captain
Level 2.21 Words ending se, ce 24 sentence, piece, sauce, horse, disease, bounce, mouse, increase, goose, fence, decrease, cheese, ice, peace, noise, purse, rejoice, prince, blouse, worse, voice, nurse, promise, balance
Level 2.22 mb, kn 12 knee, knot, lamb, know, bomb, knit, comb, knob, thumb, limb, knife, knock